Sun Spots


This one time we took pictures in the middle of the day with snow on the ground and I couldn't see...






Skirt? Adec, Winners
Silk Blouse? Thrifted
Tights? Zara
Shoes? Zara
Clutch? Thrifted
Jacket? Costa Blanca

Between the kitten heels, the longer length skirt and the blousy shirt, this whole outfit came off looking a bit conservative. I thought I would add a touch of bada$$ (whaddup Ke$ha?) with red lips, a bomber and some nude fishnets.

Originally, I think the skirt was supposed to be quite body conscious; sitting high up on the waist, emphasising the hips and nipping in at the knees. I bought it years ago from the final clearance rack at Winners. At the time the hip emphasis was something different and the wool fabric felt so good that I bought it, even though it was a few sizes too big. I took it home, pinned it for alterations and then threw it into the Forgotten Pile (some call this the mending pile...) to languish. A year later I finally altered it ( an effortful mend too... perfectly aligned seams, enclosed seams and all) and when I put it on again, it was still too big. And at that point I was too stubborn to put the skirt back in the Forgotten pile for another year, so I neglected it in my closet for a couple years instead. Because that makes sense?... But I actually like it slouchy... it just gives the skirt a whole new look.
I will admit, that while I liked how the too large skirt fell in the front, it was hard to hide the odd fit in the back. It, quite frankly, gave me mom bum. To distract the attention away from the butt situation, I thought I would add a touch of bada$$ (whaddup Ke$ha?) to the back of my bomber with some safety pins, chains and a picture of Jason Mraz.


Sarah said...

ha ha please post pictures like this every day because I'm constantly going through pictures where I look exactly like this. Why oh why must I take pictures when the sun is setting straight into my eye balls!

Ana said...

Conservative or "bada$$", I think this outfit is amazing!

Nana Erin said...

Funny + Pretty + stylish. The "Yen-tina" winning combo.

Can I ask a technical question? Do you wear some sort of snow shoe to your shoot? Like from the car to where you stand? Or are you just so graceful you can waltz through the snow in heels? Your Canadian winter shoots are so foreign and fascinating and pretty to my Texan eye!~

Anonymous said...

I Like the bright green background. You'll have to use it again when the weather is more cooperative. I like the focus on the light-in-the-eyes problem. We have a killer snowstorm on the way...and although I love sunshine and snow, I've had moments where the combination reduced me to tears.

laura said...

i love the slouch-ness of your skirt! And... could you turn around so I can see the pic of Jason Mraz? :D

From Suns To Moons said...

I also buy clothes at Winners on clearance that do not fit... except that they are usually too small. For some reason, my brain deems it plausible that my butt will shrink back to its teeny teenage size. What up, size 0?
P.S.: You DO look oddly conservative, but in that naughty librarian way (like you're hiding nipple tassels in your purse). That's good thinking - you wouldn't wanna pull a Janet.

Veronika Novotny said...

I ALWAYS love reading your posts because I am always smiling, laughing, and of course loving the fashion. BRILLIANT! As for that sun/snow combo? I usually have tears running down my face by the end. Ugh. Not so cute.

As for the skirt? Loving the slouchy look, it's fantastic. Great idea giving it the (whaddup Ke$ha?) and pairing it with the clutch and bomber. xx veronika

Anonymous said...

such an amazing backdrop!

Savannah said...

So funny! I love reading your posts! The picture location is great as well!


liz said...

You are so cute, even squinting!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Ah, when will the weather cooperate? I find it's too bright or too dark.

I love your clutch and those heels.

Unknown said...

Haha, I LOVE this! You look beautiful! I love the cheetah shoes and fishnets. I've just been inspired!

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Sofia said...

Well I think you look fabulous.

Unknown said...

You look beautiful! It's crazy to think we need to wear sunglasses because of the snow! Those leopard heels are divine! xo Emily

Linda W said...

Mum bum. That's the word I've been looking for to describe my look. Thanks!
Also, love the Ke$ha look. Next time, throw in some Gaga.
The Auspicious Life

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

That is SO ANNOYING - doing all that alteration work only to have it STILL too big?! Ugh.

I have a skirt that gives me mom-butt, fack... I never want to walk past anyone ;)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Anonymous said...

Loved the setting, old tires have never looked so pretty! Loved them, great shoe choice!


melinda said...

I was just admiring a silk blouse nearly identical to your thrifted beauty from the J.Crew catalog this afternoon. Look at you, being all ahead of the game.

Sarai and Nancy said...

This is hilarious! I love it hahaha!
I especially love the heels by the way...I have a thing for animal print shoes! (not the stripper kind, more the luxurious kind ;))


LyddieGal said...

I know about the forgotten pile. I have told myself I need to stop bringing things home that will end up in that pile. because they will never make it out alive.

Chic on the Cheap

The Suburb Experiment said...

If you can't find an iron-on transfer of Jason Mraz I think Michael Buble would be an acceptable substitute. Plus, isn't he Canadian? It'd be like a shout out to your peeps, yo.

I'm stopping now. I promise.

Except to tell you how fantastic you look. And funny you are.

Emily said...

That squinting face was me on Sunday. throw in a hangover and WOW, sexy outfit picturessssss$$$ (couldn't help myself with the $$)
Anyhoo... im still gonna post them because I GOT DRESSED and took pictures, dammit! maybe i can photoshop on some sunglasses... why I didnt throw some on TO take pictures... got only knows. lesson learned. ORANGES AND SAAAAALT

joelle van dyne said...

hah, i know that feeling of trying to take photos in the bright sun/snow! but you look great. i love the pale shade of the blouse, and the shape of the skirt. and your touch of bada$$ is great :)

Linda said...

First of all... give me the skirt, my ample bottom (jeans...boots with the furr...ahaha) can fill that skirt out.
Secondly, I laughed so hard at your funny faces I swear a little pee came out.
Thirdly please do not shout out to Ke$ha. I hate her...despise her/ wish she didn't exist. Why? Because shes a dirty ho...can't dress ...and come on, who has a dolla sign in their name (cent...five cent...10 cent...dolla) .

Okay I'll stop now.

sartoriography said...

Heh...Jason Mraz.

I dig this outfit in all its slouchy glory. The shoes and jacket definitely give is some badassery. I'm only sad that I can't see your mom bum. :)

Maresa said...

Haha, this shows how difficult it sometimes is to take outfit photos! The weather will always get you... ;)

C said...

You look supah badass. Not many ladies can look so pulled together when squinting. Well done. :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Hehehe! I love this post. I always have photos where I look like a goon if we take them in direct sunlight or it's extra bright! I think you look extra fab, squinty. Andddd... send over that coat.


Unknown said...

I love those shoes. I'm not surprised at all they are from Zara's. Is there one near you or do you shop online. I can't seem to get my computer to let me order online (stupid computer). I have to drive to Georgetown in DC. http://www.designrefinebemine.blogspot.com