You Can Do It




Denim cut-offs? AE, Winners
Sweater? Permanently borrowed from my Mama, circa 1970?
Boots? Nine West
OTK socks? Gap
Purse? Kate Spade, thrifted
Earrings? farmer's market
Bangle? My Mama's too... hopefully permanently borrowed as well...Love you Mom!
Belt? gifted from my brother in Holland!

I feel like this outfit is one step away from being all hipster... if only I replaced the socks with some patterned tights. But I am not hipster. I have listened to far too much Backstreet Boys in my youth for that... Besides, I'm not sure I can pull off that look. I've said that before though and have had to eat my words. Time will tell.
Yup. I wore this to my work holiday party. Don't worry, it was a super casual affair. Everyone still made fun of me for wearing shorts at the end of November in Southern Ontario. I don't care. We have had nary a snow flake all November long and I'm just being appreciative of the nicer weather. I love the contrast of the cosy sweater against bare legs and if December turns out as pleasant as November was, you can expect to find me in shorts on Christmas Eve eating the Oreos and milk that Matt will leave out for Santa.

But blah, blah, blah...shorts in November... The more important news of this post is that I successfully completed my shopping ban until Dec. 1st. I did not buy any clothes, accessories, or shoes for myself for over a month, I didn't even cheat a little bit. This is probably the part where I should say something inspirational, like... 'If you put your mind to it, you can do it.' That line is bad television but in this case, it's true. Seriously, when we had all the plumbing issues last week, I just wanted to run and hide among racks of new clothing. But I didn't. I even threw in the ultimate test on the last night of the challenge; I went to Winners to buy Linda a birthday present. So cruel, throwing myself into my favourite place of temptation. I did fine, I stayed focused, though I didn't find anything for Linda either because she's so darn picky... Now I'm free to shop whenever I want and to unlearn all those good self-control habits I've picked up in the last month... too bad I have no time...


C said...

This is a fabulous outfit.

My favorite word verification of late: "crusti"
(you seem to be the only one who appreciates them, so you'll get them in full force from now on)

Maz said...

Having no time is the best way to not spend money... or so I have found!


Christina said...

I love this outfit! So.."New York" or something. (thats a good thing)

Plus you've inspired me, I found some reeally cheap o-t-k boots at a thrift store but they are leather and I'm finding them hard to wear cause of the shininess, so maybe I will try something like this? or any ideas?..

Anonymous said...

forgive others but not yourself.

Linda said...

I am not picky! Yeah I'm picky.
get me a sequence cardi...i really want one but wont/ cant buy clothes for myself.


p.s. You are nuts...its not THAT warm out.

jenloveskev said...

love this outfit! Its great!

Megan Wolf said...

um hi. love this outfit for so many reasons it kills me. love wearing shorts into the winter season. do it with the tights! go for it! you will love it. love your boots. must run to nine west right now. love how casual you look, but still so stylish. you are hilarious.



Amy said...

Congrats on making your shopping ban goal! I have to be honest, when i first saw these outfit pics i thought "Doesn't this mad woman live in Ontario!?", but then i decided it was badass, not crazy. I love the over-knee socks with boots look :)

tm said...

fabulous, love the sweater. i am a wee scared of thigh highs, but i am trying to make them work for me... my legs are so short, i might as well just stick with tights. :P

Danielle said...

CONGRATS on making your goal in November! I want those boots...and your legs... ;)

Sidewalk Chic said...

The jean shorts and sweater combo are fabulous. And I want your boots. This is a great outfit! :) - JoAnn

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching your shopping goal! Would you mind please passing on your secret? I always say I am not going to buy anything, but then I always find something I can't live without. Geez, just my luck! LOL

This outfit is awesome! You wear knee high and boots so well, and I love that you can still wear shorts in November. Hope your holiday party was fun!


P.S. I am not sure if Savers is equivolent to Value Village, but I know that I now want to go to Canada and check out these Value Villages... they sound awesome too! :)

anne charlotte said...

you are fantastic!
i just stumbled upon your blog somehow...and i'm so glad i did! every outfit you put together is lovely. you inspire me to put myself on a shopping ban....starting after the holidays of course. :)

Secondhand Stella said...

I love your outfit! I found a similar sweater at the thrift store yesterday but I didn't buy it b/c it was too big.

Congrats on completing the shopping ban! I need to get more serious about mine.

Sal said...

If I looked that great in shorts, I'd wear 'em YEAR ROUND!

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

I'm diggin this entire look! It looks effortlessly chic, and I love it! I'm totally into wearing shorts in the winter... I mean, who really cares... you're wearing knee high socks and boots too. So technically, you only have an inch or 2 of leg showing!! :) Good work on the shopping ban! You're a better woman than I am... haha

Robin said...

I'm impressed with your willpower, and in love with your shorts!

Hm. That sounds kind of creepy. :)

Julia said...

Ditto the hipster thing. I live in fear of transforming into one while I sleep. You look fabulous here, and I covet those thigh highs. They look so not slutty--I think they always look slutty on me! Anyway, gorgeous neutral-colored outfit, and congrats on keeping your promise to yourself; that always feels really good!


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i am so glad to see you are against shorts with tights.
i heart this blog a little bit more than i did before.

alexandra said...

those boots are exactly what i have been looking for!!! love them in this post (hipster-esque) and the last post (glammed out). in a word: perf!

also, i tried the shopping ban this month but totally blew it halfway through. now i set a new goal: no shopping for me until i purge my closet...talk about motivation!

Taylor Sterling said...

Great outfit! I love the boots and the socks!!

Nadine said...

I thought the post title was going to be related to the shorts, ie 'you can do it - wear shorts in winter!'. You look amazing and you certainly have the legs for this look. I am totally keen to try it, even though my legs are short.

Dylana Suarez said...

This is beautiful! Love the sweater!


Kyla said...

If I had those legs, I'd wear short in a mid-March blizzard! You are a ridiculous hottie!

Kansas Couture said...

You look hot! Love it!

mro said...

this outfit = phenomenal.

not sure why tights are more hipster than tall socks peeking out from your boots? or you mean just with this particular outfit?

I mean, either way I love your look AND tights AND patterned tights AND I am immediately demanding your full definition of the word hipster, plus an addendum as to whether it's an offensive term or not.

because I'm not sure.

but I use it as if it is.

so I need clarification. You know, just in case.

by the way, I seriously love that sweater. It is awesome.

seriously though. I'll be checking back for your definition.

that is all.

AsianCajuns said...

You look gorgeous, Jentine! And I am high-five-ing you for wearing shorts during Canadian winter. I tried it during ATL "winter" and couldn't hack it (not even with the indie hipster tights)- I know, I'm a weenie when it comes to the cold. I too like the contrast between chunky sweater and bare-legs, but as a winter weenie, I'm not sure if I'll ever pull it off.
ps- Congrats on the successful shopping ban!!!
pps- I totally agree. Studs should become classic... let's just say they are!

Unknown said...

i absolutely LOVE this look!

and hey if you got it...flaunt it! haha. also, might as well wear shorts when there is no snow on the ground.

Jen Hsieh said...

i love this outfit so much! from the cozy sweater to the knee high socks peeking out from your boots :)

Second Skin said...

So I don't really know what it would mean to be a hipster (or if being one is good or bad) or if you by chance happen to be a hipster (good or bad) if you would know it, but what I do know is you look absolutely amazing in this outfit.

Kees said...

I remember wearing and sleeping in that sweater in Algonquin Park more than 10 years ago! Nice bruise on your leg, btw....:)

mro said...

Oh no!

That means, according to you, I am a hipster.....

hahahaha, but according to me, hipsters are a few years younger than me, who frequent trendy coffee shops and love the indie/art scene not necessarily because they appreciate it, but because its the cool thing to do.

So clearly my version of hipster veers closer to negative than neutral.

Thanks for dropping by to plead your case....I mean, leave your definition. It definitely made me smile on this super blah morning!!!

Elaine said...

Whoa! Good job on the shopping ban! I should probably do that too....

You TOTALLY look hip to me! I love the suede boots. So hot!


C said...

You're the only one who seems to truly appreciate my priceless word verification finds. Just got "lonejugg" on my latest comment.

San Francisco Stylephile said...

Congrats on upholding your shopping ban! That is pretty impressive. Seriously. I think I'm going to have to impose one on myself...after the holidays and post-holiday sales.

Also: I support tights with shorts!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Way to be on the shopping ban. I tried to do one and cheated more than once. Sigh. LOVE the otk socks. SO cute!

Second Skin said...

Thanks for the hipster explanation! I have added you to my blog roll. You are hot!

Christen said...

Congratulations on completing your shopping ban! I'm so impressed with your self control :)

And I love the cozy knit with the shorts too. I wish it was warm enough here to wear something similar!

Academichic said...

I love this look! I have been wanting to do this all fall, the shorts and boots thing, but I didn't bring any shorts with me here other than nylon running shorts and I somehow don't see that resulting in quite the same effect. Maybe one of my jeans will have to become the sacrificial lamb that becomes a pair of shorts...hmm...

Oh, and yes, there was much listening to the Backstreet Boys back in my youth. Even a choreographed dance that me and my gfs would do at parties. Oh, the shame. S

Meg said...

LOVE that sweater! The whole look is really, really great. And I personally think you could pull off hipster... like you said, this look is close to it, and you're more than pulling this one off!
And yes, I too was a child of the cheesy pop music era. I think perhaps that has affected us all more than we know and realize. Whatev. I still listen to all that crap and love it!