You're My Sunshine After the Rain

Jacket? Danier
Tee? Mossimo, Target
Jeans? Destroyed Sevens, Winners
Boots? Charles David, thrifted
Purse? gifted (by my guidance...)
Earrings? Farmer's market

This bright tee on a very rainy day had boy band lyrics running through my head (hence the title). I love the neutral browns with the bright pops of colour. These boots came from a Winnepeg VV years ago and they have been in storage in my bermuda triangle basement for a while. I've tried unsuccessfully to find them back a few times. Yesterday, I made a deal with myself; I wouldn't leave the basment til I found them. Since the basement is dark and slightly scary, the search was on and I found them within 5 minutes. Yeah to reunions!!! They must be a few years old but the height and leather strapping around the boots make them very current. Oddly enough, they seem more comfortable this time around too...


lbruno said...

Thats because your feet are well adjusted to pain...going back to that post about the strappy high heeled black shoes.
Don't worry, the sun will be out tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Yeah!
ugh! I have 98 degrees stuck in my head and the image of someone pouring candle wax on Nick Lachey.

Kees said...

'Bermuda triangle basement'....I like it.