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Hey! I'm Jentine and I live in Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA (represent) with my husband, Matt and our spoiled cats Bec and Kyle. I want more cats but Matt says the next one would be called Trial Separation. I also want my house to look like a home decor magazine but I'll be ok as long as my bathroom and living room are clean and the doors in the rest of the house are closed to my secret messes. Note to self: Get organized.

I graduated a few years back with a major in Fashion Design and a minor in Marketing. I use both when I am shopping. I always thought I wanted to be a custom bridal designer but after making a few I discovered I actually don't love sewing that much. Oops. Good thing I landscaped to pay my way through university and I accidentally ended up loving that instead...In November 2013, I opened up a cute little vintage shop called The Edit. Between the shop and keeping up with some landcaping,I don't have time to run a full fledged online shop but I do try to release a new and unique collection every month on my Etsy.

Blogging has been the best and the weirdest journey in my life. I don't know exactly where I am going with it but I am incredibly thankful that it has brought me beautiful friendships, a great curling iron (haha... seriously, else I would still be attempting to make beachy waves with my straightening iron...) and that is has been a huge catalyst in starting my vintage shop. In general I try to keep it light on the blog; talking about my cats, vintage clothes and well, a whole lot of nothing but I have written a few posts about my father's struggle with Alzheimer's.

Thanks for reading!

Disclosure - My Edit contains some affiliate links. This means if you click a link and purchase a product, I could make a commission. That said, if the exact item is available online, I will link to it, whether or not it is an affiliate. If the exact item is not available online, I may link a similar item that is comparable in price, brand and quality. But if you like my vintage sequin shirt or fluffy sweater, I am going to recommend you get yourself to a vintage shop or start sifting thrift stores;)